Sponsored by Friends of Sonoita Creek

TIN SHED THEATRE, Patagonia, AZ, JANUARY 22, 2020

Town of Patagonia’s FLOOD & FLOW COMMITTEE with Nextgen Engineering will present water quality data updates about the Sonoita Creek Watershed

Are stakeholders like you at risk of pollution to your local Sonoita Creek and your well water? Learn more about the quality of your local water supply. We will present information about the current state of our water and why it is important to find out more.

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Living with Predators in the Wild/Urban Interface

with Speaker Rosemary Schinao

This event was sponsored by The Patagonia Marshals Office and co-sponsored by Friends of Sonoita Creek in Patagonia, AZ at Cady Hall on January 18th from 2 to 4pm.

Cholla Nicoll, FOSC Board member introducing speaker and topic for the event.

Cholla Nicoll a local wildlife conservationist in conjunction with Karina Hillard from the Patagonia Marshals office will be presenting, “Living with Predators in the Wild/Urban Interface” with speaker Rosemary Schiano. This presentation is in direct response to the killing of a mountain lion who had become habituated to humans this past May in Patagonia. Rosemary Schinao has 30 plus years of experience working with large predators and educating the public along with government agencies on effective strategies to create cohabitation. The presentation will focus on what the community can do to prevent predators from becoming habituated to humans. Topics to be covered along with ecology will include private property management, legislation and law enforcements role.