Watershed Projects and FAQ

Friends of Sonoita Creek focuses on our watershed, with its diverse animal and plant populations, several sources of water, and the people who live in the Sonoita Creek watershed.  Our mission is to educate everyone who will listen about the watershed, its past, present, and the concerns about the future.

To find answers for Frequently Asked Questions about our watershed, check out the explanations and maps.

We have sponsored workshops that train local residents to monitor the Rapid Stream Riparian AssessmentPhotos of their work at the east end of Patagonia Lake and what they found show the degradation of the stream in some areas, but surprisingly, a very fine stretch of Sonoita Creek as it should be.  The people who are involved have agreed to monitor Sonoita Creek and report their findings.  Andy Gould is the organizer for this project.

In conjunction with Borderlands Restoration, we are working with residents to monitor their water wells.  Kathy Pasierb is heading up this project.

In conjunction with the Arizona State Parks and the State Natural Areas, we are working on the fencing survey of Sonoita Creek State Natural Area.  Photo link. Cattle are constantly encroaching on the Natural Area land, destroying springs and the creek banks, eating young trees that are necessary to sustain the riparian area and tearing down the fences that keep them out of the Natural Area.  Anne Townsend has been coordinating this work with our members as they assist personnel from the State Natural Area and from Arizona Fish and Game.