Birds and Butterflies

Butterflies of our area:

Birds of Arizona (Richard Fray):



AZ Dept. of Water Resources Conservation, click on education icon

AZ State Parks Healthy Water Education Program.   Journal for grades 3-6.

National Geographic Water Wiz game for kids (and adults).

Water Conservation Throughout the Home.


Map by Jim Davidson using online topographic maps.  Long dashed lines represent the watershed boundary.  Narrow straight lines represent Coronado National Forest boundaries.

Coloring map of the Sonoita Creek Watershed by Kathy Pasierb

coloring map Sonoita Creek

Watersheds SCCo
is a map of Detailed and Limited Watersheds in Santa Cruz Co. It is a Conversion and Map Modernization Project by Stantec Consulting, Inc. requested by the county to improve flood prediction and planning.  Allow a few seconds to load, click in the left column to select view and adjust the magnification to your needs.

Rapid Riparian Assessment Protocol for Streams of the Southwest – Developed by Dr.Peter B. Stacey, UNM.

Santa Cruz Co., Arizona – Sonoita Creek is located in Santa Cruz Co., Arizona.  The county’s web site provides information for residents, land owners, builders and visitors and includes flood risk maps, a Riparian Habit brochure, geographic data, and related links.  (There is also a Santa Cruz County, CA)

Surf The Upper Santa Cruz Watershed – Use this tool from the EPA to better understand the water that comes into and flows out of your watershed.

Groundwater Conditions Interactive Map – Find out what’s flowing beneath you, map compiled by USGS.

US Environmental Protection Agency – data, references and many useful links go to information on watersheds, water quality, maps, scientific papers, and technology.

The Clean Water Act– history and coverage

Precipitation reported by amateur weather watchers to the University of Arizona.  Request data for Santa Cruz County to see results for the Sonoita Creek watershed.

Sonoita Creek-Arizona Heritage Waters – hydrology, biology and human history, NAU

Sonoita Creek Hydrogeologic Study – This is a summary of the study and a few of its maps.  We have the complete study, which is too large for the website.

Community and Conservation Organizations

Borderlands Restoration. Reconnecting wildlife, land, and people in the borderland region.

Patagonia Area Resource AllianceCommitted to protecting & preserving Patagonia, AZ area from destruction by mining.

The Hummingbird Monitoring Network  Dedicated to the conservation of hummingbird diversity and abundance throughout the Americas.

The Nature Conservancy Patagonia’s Sonoita Creek Preserve

The Sonoran Institute  “Shaping the Future of the West”

Sky Island Alliance is dedicated to the protection and restoration of native species and habitats in the Sky Island region of the SW United States and NW Mexico.


Wildcat Silver, a Canadian mining company, is currently drilling exploration holes in the Patagonia Mountain south of the town of Patagonia.

OZ Exploration Pty. Ltd., an Australian mining company has proposed exploration drilling in the Patagonia Mountains.

North American Potash Developers has staked over 200 mining claims for exploration in the Patagonia area.

Arizona Mining History & Minerals, AZ Geological Survey

US 1872 Mining Law and summary (International California Mining Journal) Prospecting & Mining Journal.

Fire information

Lists of fires by state with updates and references.

Fires on satellite photos with lat/long and state boundaries.

Articles and Reports

SE AZ’s Birding Economy” article from Paul Green, Tucson Audubon reports on a study that found a billion dollar industry from ecotourism rests upon the biological diversity of the Sonoita Creek Watershed & surrounding area.

Hermosa Mine Proposal Potential Impacts on Patagonia Water Supply: report compiled by Earthworks with assistance from Patagonia Area Resource Alliance.

“An Update on Patagonia’s Water Strategies.” By Lynn Davidson, Patagonia Regional Times, 4/2015.

Sierra Club director shares thoughts on public land policy.

Report Says Mining Threatens Patagonia Drinking Water,” article by Tony Davis, AZ Daily Star.


“The Nogales International” newspaper covers news of western Santa Cruz Co., Nogales and Rio Rico.

The Patagonia Regional Times” is a monthly, non-profit, community newspaper highlighting local issues and talent.