Comparison of stream assessments of four parts of Sonoita Creek between 2014 and 2018

Above is the link some of you were seeking regarding data from RSRA.  Thank you for being interested and supportive of this important Citizen Science.



Just compiled & published:  The 15 Year History of Friends of Sonoita Creek

The booklet lists our accomplishments in the areas of Educational Services and Outdoor Events, the speakers and panel presentations we have sponsored, our science-based research, and restoration projects.  Read or download it here.


The Dirt Bags keep improving our trails

Have you hiked on the trails in the Wildlife Corridor east of Patagonia?

The Dirt Bags are working every Thursday, improving or creating new hiking trails in the Sonoita Creek watershed.  The men and women who work on these trails have varying skills and stamina.  Call Chris at 520-394-0280 or Joe at 520-377-7294 if you would like more information and join the crew some Thursday.

These photos were taken by Perry Jasper.

Looking for a good place to look for birds?  The trail markers will help.

Wildlife Corridor Trail, east of Patagonia

Trail marker on Wildlife Corridor Trail


Friends of Sonoita Creek is an Arizona non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Sonoita Creek and its watershed.

Visitors to the watershed find a variety of landscapes, unusual plants, rich wildlife, a moderate climate and great outdoor recreationJoin us in exploring and learning about  the fascinating and fragile Sonoita Creek.


Western Screech-Owl, Cienega Loop Trail

Western Screech Owl

Sonoita Creek is home to over 300 species of birds, including Gray Hawk, vermilion flycatcher, violet-crowned hummingbird, thick-billed kingbird, zone-tailed hawk, green kingfisher, white-throated sparrows (in winter) and black-bellied whistling duck.

CHECK IT OUT!  Patagonia Area Seasonal Bird Sightings List:  Guided bird walks at Patagonia Lake State Park are over for the summer.  Join us in November for more guided walks.

Bird and Butterfly checklists on line are      linked on our RESOURCES page.


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