Letter from the President

gabion photoThis photograph by Murphy Musick of Patagonia shows details of ~ 1940’s work (but this picture was taken recently) by the Civilian Conservation Corps in School Canyon in Patagonia.  These “gabions,” from Italian gabbione meaning “big cage”), are built to retain something and as you can see in the picture, they are durable.  Sometimes they are built to slow down water enough to drop silt behind these structures, as in these zig-zag structures in School Canyon, which have helped over decades to protect the town of Patagonia from the floods that formerly came down our canyons, or they can be simply to retain enough dirt to create your raised garden bed.  They very importantly also help to prevent or even stop erosion in watersheds like ours for Sonoita Creek, thus leaving more soil where it belongs vs. it rushing down into and adversely changing the flows of our Creek.

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