Friends of Sonoita Creek is an Arizona non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Sonoita Creek and its watershed.  We inform residents and visitors about its importance to life forms and relationship to the geography through hands-on activities, presentations, hikes, and financial support to kindred organizations.

The highest point of the Sonoita Creek creek bed is visible at the fairgrounds in Sonoita, AZ.  It heads southwest and is joined by Harshaw Creek from the Patagonia Mountains.  The sandy channel goes through the town of Patagonia.  (Most of Sonoita Creek flows below the surface and can be difficult to identify.) The first place to access the creek to see water is the The Nature Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Preserve on Blue Haven Road.  A few miles downstream, the creek was dammed in 1969 to form Patagonia Lake.  Dam releases and spillway overflow combine with more tributaries to deliver water to the Santa Cruz River at Rio Rico.

Visitors to the watershed find a variety of landscapes, unusual plants, rich wildlife, a moderate climate and great outdoor recreation.  Join us in exploring and learning about  the fascinating and fragile Sonoita Creek.

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